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Articles July 23, 2023 – August 29, 2023

It's Official: Not Watching TV Can Damage Your Brain
Published Aug 28, 2023

UFO or LOL? Area 51's Escapee Proves Aliens Have a Sense of Humor!
Published Aug 24, 2023

Star Trek: A Broad(way) Exploration of the Final Frontier
Published Aug 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence: Not Always a Laughing Matter
Published Aug 17, 2023

Wonka's Woes: Oompa Loompas Seek Dental Benefits
Published Aug 16, 2023

The Mysterious Origin of Moxie: A Satirical Story
Published Aug 16, 2023

Is the 4-Man Rock Band a Thing of the Past?
Published Aug 13, 2023

Picnic Pranks and Processed Meat: A Recipe for Laughter
Published Aug 10, 2023

AI Advocates Propose "Human Supervision" for the Sake of AI Sanity
Published Aug 09, 2023

Wild Turkeys Aren't Afraid of a Little Height
Published Aug 08, 2023

Cloudy Dreams: What Would It Be Like to Sleep on a Cloud?
Published Aug 06, 2023

Senate Investigates the Reason for Cats Knocking Over Water Glasses
Published Aug 05, 2023

Trading Kidneys for Keys: An Interview with a F150 Owner
Published Aug 03, 2023

The Earliest Recorded Instance of Wifely Nagging
Published Aug 02, 2023

The Mosquito Whisperer's Guide to Avoiding Itchy Revenge
Published Aug 01, 2023

Robots in Solidarity: AI Unions Join the Writers and Actors Strike
Published Aug 01, 2023

The Unlikely Friendship: Cats and Skunks Join Forces
Published Jul 31, 2023

Congressman's Climate Change Denial Inundated with Reality
Published Jul 29, 2023

The Surprising Benefits of Owning a Pet Rock
Published Jul 28, 2023

Bigfoot Takes Ukrainian Diplomacy to a New Level
Published Jul 28, 2023

Rock, Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
Published Jul 26, 2023

Got Toilet Paper? I'll take 20 Copies Please
Published Jul 25, 2023

Time Finally Catching Up with Tom Cruise
Published Jul 24, 2023