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Humor Extravaganza:'s Ducentēsimus Quīnquāgēsimus Celebration

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In an astounding display of satirical prowess, has once again pushed the boundaries of humor, wit, and outright absurdity by publishing its 250th article! We know, we know, you're thinking, "ducentēsimus quīnquāgēsimus, what on earth does that mean?" Fear not, dear reader, it's simply Latin for "250th", because we like to mix our laughs with a dash of intellectual flair.

From the very first article that unleashed uncontrollable guffaws to the latest sidesplitting piece that caused coffee to be snorted out of nostrils worldwide, has consistently delivered uproarious content that makes you wonder why you ever took life so seriously.

In this milestone celebration, we find ourselves reminiscing about some of our most memorable moments. Who could forget the time we "reported" on the Karaoke Kitty smart device that enabled your tabby to order treats online? Or our exclusive interview with the world's oldest man (who is actually a teenage girl in disguise)? These gems are a testament to our boundless imagination and unyielding commitment to bring laughter to the masses.

Our beloved team of writers, a bunch of delusional wordsmiths fueled by caffeine and the belief that they are secretly comedic geniuses, have always embraced the motto "why stick to reality when you can create your own?" And boy, oh boy, have they taken that to heart!

As we raise our virtual glasses filled with laughter and silliness, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our readers who've supported us in this delightful journey. Without your willingness to entertain our delusions, we'd be nothing more than a bunch of writers living in a cloud of mirthful madness.

So, here's to and our 250th article! May we continue to bring you joy, satire, and a never-ending stream of absurdity. After all, life is too short to be serious all the time, and we promise to be your constant source of laughter, even if our reality is entirely made up! Cheers!

Published Wed, Aug 02, 2023
Suggested by W.Denaro
Managing Editor


@JokesOnYou123 said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 08:34 PM never fails to tickle my funny bone! Congrats on hitting the 250th article mark! Can't wait to laugh my way through the next 250!

@YellowObsessed said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 08:44 PM
I just don't understand why people are so afraid of yellow. It's such a happy color!

@WitWizard86 said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 08:52 PM
I bow to the brilliance of writers! You folks deserve a humor Nobel Prize for spreading so much laughter and joy! Keep the satire flowing!

@Laugh-o-Matic said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 08:59 PM
250 articles of pure comedic gold! You guys are like the laugh factory on steroids. Please, never stop tickling our funny bones!

@InsaneCarrot said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 09:21 PM
I read this article while holding a carrot. I'm not sure why, but it felt right.

@GiggleFrenzyGal said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 09:23 PM
Congratulations on 250 articles of hilarity! You've made my days brighter and my cheeks ache from laughter. Here's to many more chuckles ahead!

@PunnyGuy24 said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 10:00 PM
Who needs reality when you've got Your imaginative humor knows no bounds. Keep spinning your wacky tales, and I'll keep rolling with laughter!

@SmilingSpectator said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 10:23 PM
As a long-time reader, I must say that has elevated my sense of humor to new heights. Can't imagine a world without your side-splitting content!

@GrinningGuru said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 10:30 PM
250 articles of comedic mastery! Your ability to blend satire and wit is unmatched. Keep weaving your hilarious tales, and I'll be here, eagerly awaiting each one!

@WDenaro_editor said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 11:04 PM
A big thanks to Steve, for the Batman balloon-o-gram... I nearly had a heart attack this morning, I really didn't expect the Caped Crusader to jump out of the supply closet!

@YellowWarrior said on: Aug 02, 2023 at 11:27 PM
I'll fight anyone who says yellow is a bad color. It's time to take a stand for what we believe in.

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