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Tickling the Funny Bone and Breaking Your Clavicle!

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In the realm of peculiar mishaps, prepare to chuckle as we recount the tale of Steve, an ordinary fellow whose sneeze took an unexpected twist.

Imagine this scene: Steve, armed with a sneeze that could launch paper airplanes across the room, found himself in a precarious situation. Amidst a meeting, he valiantly attempted to muzzle the force building within his nasal cavities. With great sneezing heroism, he sealed his lips tight and clasped his hands over his face, frozen like a sneezing mime caught mid-performance.

But oh dear! The sneeze burst forth like a confetti cannon on steroids, and poor Steve's clavicle took the brunt of this nasal explosion. Who would have guessed that a sneeze could wield such catastrophic power?

And so, Steve now boasts a tale to share, sporting a fashionable traction cast and a newfound appreciation for the might of sneezes. Friends and family marvel at his impressive sneeze-suppressing skills, albeit with a wary eye on their own clavicles.

Let Steve's misadventure serve as a cautionary yarn for us all: beware the stifled sneeze! Embrace the magnificence of your sneezes, dear reader, for they remind us that even in the most amusing moments, humor is never far away.

Published Mon, Jul 17, 2023
Suggested by W.Denaro
Managing Editor


@SneezingWarrior said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 08:54 PM
As a fellow sneezing enthusiast, I once sprained my wrist trying to hold in a sneeze during a high-stakes thumb wrestling match. Sneezes truly are a force to be reckoned with!

@NoseNinja said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 09:01 PM
Ah, the sneeze-induced injuries! I remember the time I accidentally dislocated my jaw while stifling a particularly ferocious sneeze during a delicate yoga pose. Who knew yoga and sneezing could be such a perilous combo?

@TissueTornado said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 09:39 PM
Oh, the tales of sneeze-related woe! I once threw out my back while attempting a synchronized sneeze with my cat, Mr. Whiskers. We were aiming for a record-breaking duet. Sadly, our sneezes were out of sync, and my back paid the price.

@AchyAchoo said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 10:03 PM
Reading this article brought back memories of the time I strained my neck muscles trying to suppress a sneeze during a crucial game of charades. Let's just say my 'silent sneeze' impression did not fool anyone!

@SneezeSquadron said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 10:24 PM
Ah, the hazards of sneezing! I once managed to give myself a black eye while stifling a sneeze in the midst of a heated pillow fight. Turns out, pillows are not the only things that pack a punch!

@bankGuru said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 11:04 PM
I have a different perspective on this.

@SneezeSurfer said on: Jul 17, 2023 at 11:22 PM
This article had me in stitches! I once fractured my toe attempting a mid-sneeze acrobatic feat on a wobbly skateboard. Sneeze-induced skateboarding tricks are not for the faint of heart, or the fragile of bones!

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